Never Let Anyone Put You “in a Box”

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to visit my childhood friend Liam in Portland. He gave me a call, mentioned that we haven’t seen each other in a while, so I decided to hop on a bus and surprise him.

But, this time, I am not going to mention how lit Portland’s nightlife is or how crazy Liam and I can get.

Instead, I want to focus on Portland’s street style.

If you have never been to Portland, all you need to know is that this city is known for its parks, and bridges. People are friendly, they care about the environment, and they enjoy walking and jogging. As I was able to see, they spend most of their free time on the streets.

As a street style and street fashion aficionado, I was more than happy to take a walk down the Old Town Chinatown and get to know Oregon’s street style.

I spent the whole day walking and taking some pretty awesome shots (I posted most of them on IG), and meeting some cool people. I was especially excited to meet Sophia and Penelope.

Sophia, the gorgeous brunette in the light pink hoodie, was the epitome of youthfulness and young style.

Penelope, the mystical blonde I met when I was doing laundry, mentioned to me that she would describe her style as “wherever the wind blows”. She doesn’t like to conform to society’s rules and doesn’t want to be “put in the box”.

If you want to read the full interview I did with these two ladies, be sure to stay tuned.